Category: Success Stories

LaVonna’s Story

Nov 3 2015
Kim Lessard

LaVonna, a single mother, came to Raphael House in late 2014 looking to make a better life for her and her young son. Raphael House’s Residential Shelter Program provided her family a stable home-like environment and the resources and support they needed to plan for the future. During her stay at Raphael House, LaVonna participated […]

Daniel’s Story

Sep 18 2015
Kim Lessard

When Daniel first came to Raphael House with his four-year-old son Caleb, he came with the dream of providing a safe and stable home for his son. Following a long history of domestic violence, Daniel had left his abusive relationship and gained full custody of Caleb, which resulted in them having to stay at a domestic violence shelter […]

Jessica’s Story

Sep 19 2014
Kim Lessard

Jessica lived at Raphael House during her junior year of high school with her mom and younger sister. She and her family secured housing in the East Bay and continue to engage in our Bridge Program Services. Throughout her time in our Residential Program Jessica maintained over a 3.5 grade point average and loved to […]