About Raphael House

Our Mission

The mission of Raphael House is to help low-income families and families experiencing homelessness strengthen family bonds by achieving stable housing and financial independence.

Since 1971, Raphael House has been at the forefront of providing homeless and low-income families in the San Francisco Bay Area the personalized family-centered solutions they need to build brighter futures. Raphael House is a 100% community-supported organization. On average, 90% of the families we serve in our Residential Shelter achieve stable housing, and 93% maintain that stability long-term through our Bridge Program.

Our Philosophy

At Raphael House, we see homelessness as a temporary state that doesn’t define a person. We understand that homelessness can result from unexpected circumstances, whether economic, health-related, or because of a breakdown in family structure. We provide families an opportunity to take ownership of their futures and improve the quality of their lives through a nurturing and supportive process that emphasizes the importance of strong families and personal dignity.

Our Values


We believe in the power of self determination and know that every individual is capable of defining and achieving their own success. We promote personal accountability, honesty and ownership.


We treat every individual at Raphael House with dignity and respect. We provide our services in a healing environment where individuals are empowered and supported in making their own choices and paving the way to success.


Our staff and board embrace the diversity of the community that we serve. We seek to create an environment that is inclusive of all backgrounds, beliefs and abilities.


We create a safe, stable environment that sets the stage for families to bolster strength and independence. We foster deep relationships with our families, staff, board and supporters that strengthen the ability of each individual to create positive change.


We partner with our families by providing the resources and support needed for their individual success. Our partnering approach involves building a strong network of individuals, businesses, non-profits and patrons and results in positive change for the community at large.