Daniel’s Story

Sep 18 2015
Raphael House

freestock_father-son-1434627_small When Daniel first came to Raphael House with his four-year-old son Caleb, he came with the dream of providing a safe and stable home for his son. Following a long history of domestic violence, Daniel had left his abusive relationship and gained full custody of Caleb, which resulted in them having to stay at a domestic violence shelter for close to six weeks. Although the shelter provided Daniel and Caleb with security and services for victims of domestic violence, their length of stay was limited and coming to end. Daniel’s search for a place where he and his son would have an opportunity to rebuild their lives in a supportive homelike environment brought them to Raphael House. After moving into Raphael House, Daniel was able to actively participate in our Career Development Program, which helped him to identify and expand upon on skills he could use in his career as a full-time carpenter. The staff in our Children’s Program helped Caleb by partnering with Daniel, guiding him through a combination of structure, play, and parent education to foster Caleb’s development, and build his self-confidence, while reinforcing healthy family bonds. After five months, with support and resources from Raphael House, Daniel was able to secure independent housing in Alameda County. Both Daniel and Caleb remain active in our Bridge Program, where they have ongoing access to intensive case management, Children’s Program services, and mental health counseling.

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