Board Member Spotlight: Meet Katie Kokenge

May 1 2023
Chloë Noonan

We’re delighted to welcome Katie Kokenge as a member of our Board of Directors!

Katie is a mental health professional who is dedicated to finding solutions to homelessness.

An LCSW by trade, Katie previously practiced in Los Angeles at the largest county mental health department in the country, where she managed subacute facility treatment and reintegration of low-income and mentally ill populations back into the community. Katie’s clinical experience and understanding of program administration and government services give her a unique lens to evaluate the initiatives at the Raphael House.

She envisions herself actively marketing the Raphael House cause formally and informally, which includes finding ways to interact with our community to bolster Raphael House’s fundraising efforts. She shared, “Raphael House is a cause that is organic to me, which makes discussing its program and mission with people in my community a natural fit.”

Welcome, Katie!

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