LaVonna’s Story

Nov 3 2015
Raphael House

IMG_1156 (1)_Lavona LaVonna, a single mother, came to Raphael House in late 2014 looking to make a better life for her and her young son. Raphael House’s Residential Shelter Program provided her family a stable home-like environment and the resources and support they needed to plan for the future. During her stay at Raphael House, LaVonna participated in our Career Development Program. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, she eventually became gainfully employed in the construction industry. LaVonna also grew a passion for creating jewelry after participating in different artistic workshops and wellness activities at Raphael House. She found that this artistic expression helped to center her and filled her with pride as she completed each project. Although LaVonna has since moved into her own home with her son, she still remains active in the Raphael House community through our Bridge Program. LaVonna continues to use the services provided by our Career Development Program to turn her hobby and passion for jewelry making into a source of extra income. She is currently taking classes on small business and entrepreneurship and even has a mentor! With the assistance of our Career Development staff, she is working on branding, marketing, and setting up her own Etsy account so she can sell her jewelry online.

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