A Family’s Path at Raphael House

At Raphael House, we provide families experiencing homelessness with the personalized and family-centered support necessary to achieve long-term stable housing and financial stability. Here’s how we partner with Bay Area families to support them in achieving their goals.

1. Entry Referrals

Families experiencing homelessness in San Francisco are referred to Raphael House’s Residential Shelter Program through Coordinated Entry Access Points. On average, 51 families are welcomed to Raphael House each year, and two-thirds of families are headed by single moms.

If you are experiencing homelessness and are seeking shelter, please visit our Get Help page for more information on accessing our services.

2. Moving In

Once families complete an intake interview at Raphael House, they are provided with a private room and three daily meals in our Residential Shelter. As families settle in, they are connected with a case manager who will support them in achieving self-identified goals.

3. Finding Housing

While a family is at Raphael House, they are supported in looking for long-term, stable housing. Families partner with a case manager who helps with exploring viable housing options, conducting online searches, filling out applications, attending viewings, etc.

4. Holistic Support

All families have access to specialized support for their educational and career development goals. Raphael House also provides K-12 tutoring, family wellness support, financial coaching, summer camp scholarships, and weekly activities to help strengthen family bonds.

5. Moving Out

In 2021, 92% of families transitioned from our Residential Shelter Program to long-term, stable housing. The average length of stay for a family at Raphael House is 6 months. To support with the transition, departing families are provided with household essentials and connections to community resources.

6. Post-Shelter Care

Through our post-shelter Bridge Program, Raphael House continues to provide wellness, career, and financial services to families so they can remain housed and stable. Last year, 91% of families in our Bridge Program maintained their long-term, stable housing.

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