Start a Fundraiser for Raphael House

Make a difference for the parents and children we serve and spread awareness about family homelessness by starting your own peer-to-peer fundraiser for Raphael House.

Whether you’re running a marathon, commemorating the memory of a loved one, dedicating your birthday, or raising funds to go toward a specific Raphael House program need, it’s a great way to get involved!

It’s easy to create your own fundraising page to share with family, friends, or co-workers via email or posts to your social media accounts, or as a link on your website.

Here’s how to start a fundraiser for Raphael House on

1. To start a fundraiser visit any of the links below and click ‘Start Fundraising’ in the orange box – or “Fundraise for us” in the blue box.

If you haven’t fundraised before with JustGiving, complete the instructions to “Sign up”. Simply enter your name, email address and a password, and complete your profile.

  • If you’ve already fundraised, click ‘Log in’.
2. The next page will ask “What are you doing?”. Find the lightbulb icon and click “Start” to “Do your own thing.”
3. Tell us about your event:
  • Event Type: An appeal for a charity
  • Event Name: You can create your own title for your “event” we suggest “[Your Name/Group’s] [Insert Fundraiser Type] Fundraiser for Raphael House”
  • Event Date: Leave blank
  • Choose your fundraising page address: This is the link you’ll be sharing with friends and family when asking them to donate. 
  • Sign Up for Email Newsletter: You can Opt in or Opt out
4. Click ‘Create your page’. In the top left corner, click “Edit your page” and take a few more minutes to personalize your page. Here are some tips:
  • You can change the page title, fundraising goal and page summary to tell people why you are raising money for Raphael House. Some of the fields will auto populate with our suggestions, but feel free to personalize! If you are creating your fundraiser for a company/organization, you can include that company/organization name in the “page title”
  • Be sure to navigate to the “Settings” tab to personalize your thank you message that will be sent to everyone who donates to your page.
  • Adding a profile picture increases your page value by 23%. To add a profile picture, click the arrow by your name in the upper right, and click “Profile.”
  • Adding a fundraising target increases your page value by 45%, and adding your story about why you’re fundraising increases your page value by 36%! 
  • Consider making the first donation to your page. This shows your supporters how serious you are, and sets the tone for people so they have an idea of what to donate. 
5. Finally, once you’ve customized your fundraiser, share your page with friends and family right away! Send an email or post to social media with a short note and make sure to include your page link.
6. Track donations made to your fundraiser by navigating to “Edit your page” and then the “Donations” tab.

If you have any questions, the Raphael House team is happy to help! Please contact Kellen Sarver at or at 415.345.7265.


Start A Facebook Fundraiser

If you are active on Facebook, you can start a fundraiser directly through the Facebook platform. Set your goal, your fundraiser’s end date, and change the title of your fundraiser. Language about Raphael House and our programs will auto populate when you follow this link to get started!