Celebrating Noah’s High School Graduation at Raphael House

Aug 10 2020
Raphael House

We’re so proud of Noah, a Raphael House resident who graduated from high school this summer!

Despite the obstacles presented by COVID-19 and housing instability, he defeated the odds students experiencing homelessness face in high school. Studies show that unhoused students are more likely to drop out than their stably-housed peers.

Noah says that the last few months of school were the most challenging, due to the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis and remote learning. However, he stayed focused on his studies and made time to prioritize his creative hobbies.

Now that he’s graduated, Noah remains focused on his post-high school goals. He is a talented photographer, videographer, and graphic designer who is working on trademarking his logo and designs with the help of our Career Development team. He hopes to buy a professional camera soon so he can continue to learn and grow.

In other exciting news, Noah and his family moved into an apartment in July! They say having a stable place to live at Raphael House helped them achieve these goals, but we also credit their drive and determination. We’re so proud of Noah and his family for overcoming obstacles during this challenging moment in all of our lives.

Before they left Raphael House, Raphael House’s staff photographer captured this special moment in pictures. Noah’s mother Maisha says they had never had a family portrait taken, and she was thrilled to receive copies to share with family.

We send a sincere thank you to all of our donors who supported our Emergency Relief Fund. Your contributions enable us to support more hard-working families at Raphael House. You can make a donation here to support more families like Noah’s.

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