Donate to Our COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

Supporting Families During This Crisis

Raphael House is in a very vulnerable position due to COVID-19. Without immediate financial support from our community, we risk cuts to staff and services that would mean fewer families receiving our care. One thing that cannot change is Raphael House’s capacity to help at-risk families. Your donations enable us to maintain our current support while expanding our emergency assistance to families in need.

Being 100% community-funded allows us to offer personalized services to every family. Unlike many other organizations, Raphael House cannot rely on the stability of government funding and we need your support to help make up for loss of revenue from our Gala.


Provides 50 emergency meal kits for families affected by school closures in our Residential Shelter and Bridge Programs


Provides up to five families in need with an emergency gift card to a grocery store, drugstore, or for other essentials


Provides Raphael House with up to a week of cleaning and sanitation supplies to help us keep our Residential Shelter clean on a daily basis


Provides 10 individuals with personal hand sanitizer and other necessary supplies to stay healthy during the COVID-19 crisis

Other Ways to Give

In an effort to keep our staff and shelter residents safe, please coordinate a donation with our Volunteer Manager Kellen Sarver at [email protected], call 415-345-7265, or fill out our contact form. Thank you for your support!

Shop Our Amazon Wish List

The COVID-19 crisis has increased our immediate need for supplies to maintain a healthy and safe environment for homeless families. As a 100% community-funded organization, donations of these essential items directly help families at Raphael House and help keep our Residential Shelter clean and safe. You can shop our Amazon wish list here. 

Gift Cards for Essentials

Families facing layoffs and school closures are struggling to afford essentials like groceries and utility bills. Gift card donations in increments of $50-100 for stores like Target, Safeway, Foods Co, Grocery Outlet, and drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, etc.) help families maintain financial stability and our operations at Raphael House. VISA/Mastercard cards are also accepted. Many of these gift cards and e-gift cards can be found on Gift Card Mall or Amazon. E-gift cards can be emailed to Volunteer Manager Kellen Sarver at [email protected].

Cleaning Supplies & Face Masks

People experiencing homelessness are much more susceptible to communicable diseases. To keep up with amplified cleaning precautions and CDC recommendations in our shelter, we seek donations of home made face masks/coverings, all purpose cleaner, disinfectant wipes, hand soap, paper towels, etc.

Hand Sanitizer & Wipes

We are doing our part to keep parents, children, and our community safe. Due to depleted stocks of sanitizing supplies, we are experiencing a shortage of personal hygienic products that are used to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Please donate today.

Emergency Food Supplies

We are grateful to have access to fresh food to provide three daily meals to families in our Residential Shelter. During this crisis, it is more important than ever to build up our pantry with food supplies for emergency meal kits. Donations of items like brown lunch bags, canned soups, canned ready-to-eat-meats, and freeze-dried fruit are suggested. Can opener donations are also accepted.

Thank you for your generosity and your spirit of community. We wish you strength and love during this unprecedented moment in all of our lives.