Pier 39 Hosts a Fun-Filled Day for Raphael House Families

Nov 7 2015
Raphael House

Pier 39 (1) Last month, Raphael House families got to enjoy a day of fun thanks to our community partners at Pier 39. In the morning, several families, along with the Residential Community Interns, boarded a double-decker bus that took us on a short, fact and joke filled tour of the city before dropping us off at Pier 39. Once we got off the bus we made our way to the docks looking for the boat that would take us around the bay. We boarded the boat and claimed spots along the railing as we headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge. The kids spent the trip pointing out all of the different sights while their parents did their best to capture the excitement on camera. It was the perfect start to our day! image (1) After the tour some of the families went off on their own to explore the pier. Many of them went together to find their way through the Mirror Maze. The rest of us went in search of the carousel. Eventually the group all ended up at the 7D Zombie Game. We nervously made our way through the introduction of the game before choosing our seats. The game started, the chairs began to shake, and we were off to get the Zombies. After a tiring mission, we were all safe from the zombies, thanks to our fearless winners. We then moved onto our next mission: hunting down food! Once we were full from pretzels, hotdogs, and ice cream we made our way to the Aquarium of the Bay. We watched the jellyfish and sharks; we found Nemo and pet the stingrays. We watched the otters play and even got to view the creatures in 3D surroundings from a spot under the tanks! Finally, we got to explore the tide pools where we touched starfish and sea anemone while the aquarium staff taught us about everything we saw. Pier 39 Group Picture 10.17.15 The trip was filled with adventure and a great way to see a little bit of San Francisco! By the end of the day we were tired from all the fun and full from all the delicious snacks and hot chocolate. Thank you to all of the donors for making this day so memorable!

Indoor Entertainment Group

Dreyer’s Ice Cream Shop

SIMCO Restaurant Group

Aunt Fannies Hot Pretzels

Aquarium of the Bay

Magowan’s Mirror Maze

Blue & Gold Fleet

7-D Experience

City Sightseeing

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