Celebrating Fashion to Help Homeless Families

May 21 2020
Raphael House

Nob Hill Gazette is a long-time supporter of Raphael House and our programs that help homeless families build brighter futures. Whether the publication is supporting us through our annual Gala or spreading the word about our programs in the pages of their magazine, our partnership with Nob Hill Gazette is invaluable as we work to end family homelessness in our community. 

Just recently, Nob Hill Gazette hosted a generous fundraiser, asking their readers to donate to Raphael House. In return, their talented illustrator Miranda Huang (aka How Heart Thou) created an illustration of the donor in their favorite outfit for inclusion in their May/June issue.

At the end of the fundraiser, 22 generous donors participated, raising $12,000 for Raphael House programs! We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from Nob Hill Gazette, How Heart Thou, and Nob Hill Gazette readers. 

We send a sincere thank you to the following donors: Susan Atherton, Stephanie Block, Tanum Bohem Davis, Hafsa Burt, Tami Cavenay, Victoria Dade, Judy Davies, Nicole Elliott-Karvosky, David Hornik, Arlene Inch, Laura Larsen, Aimee Leifer, Farah Makras, Maria Martin, Christina Saveri, Sharon Seto, Kate Smith, Terra Sollman, Natalia Urrutia-Hernandez, Amy Wender-Hoch, Brigitta Whiting, and Lisa Zabelle.

Here is a quick preview of some of the amazing illustrations created by How Heart Thou:

Judy Davies

Nicole Elliott-Karvosky

Kate Smith

Susan Atherton

Terra Sollman

Click here to read the feature and to see all illustrations on Nob Hill Gazettes website, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of the issue!

Thank you so much to Nob Hill Gazette, How Heart Thou, and all of the donors who make our work at Raphael House possible!

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