“I thanked God that we finally had privacy.”

May 5 2021
Raphael House

At Raphael House, we see homelessness as a temporary state that doesn’t define a person or family. We understand homelessness can result from unexpected circumstances, whether economic or health-related. That’s why throughout our 50-year history, our programs have been critical in supporting families like Hamileydi’s on their journey to achieving long-term housing, financial stability, and overall wellness.

Before Hamileydi’s family (pictured above) came to Raphael House, they had experienced a year of poor living conditions in a studio apartment. As a result of moldy walls and poor indoor air quality, her youngest daughter developed asthma.

After many attempts to get these issues repaired, the family left the apartment and slept in their car before seeking help from local emergency shelters. “I couldn’t sleep at night in the emergency shelters because I was always vigilant and heard others talk badly about my family,” she says.

Hamileydi had been experiencing depression due to so much upheaval. Once she and her family were welcomed to Raphael House, her outlook changed for the better.. “Before arriving at Raphael House, I felt like I was in a dark tunnel, but when I saw our new bedroom, I thanked God that we finally had privacy.”

As her emotional health improved, Hamileydi immediately set goals with the supportive team at Raphael House. In addition to finding housing and saving emergency funds, Hamileydi wanted her daughters to improve in school and build their confidence. Both her daughters attended our Tutoring Clubs and Children’s Evening Program, during which they regularly expressed themselves. Hamileydi says one of her favorite memories at Raphael House is when her youngest daughter learned to read, and read a book to an audience during Story Time.

Now stably-housed as a result of their determination, Hamileydi’s family remains connected with Raphael House through our Bridge Program. Her daughters attend our Tutoring Club remotely, and Hamileydi utilizes our Career Development services as she seeks employment during the pandemic.

“When I came to Raphael House, I wanted my girls to have more privacy,” Hamileydi said. “Now, they have that and their own home!”

For 50 years, Raphael House programs have provided families an opportunity to take ownership of their futures and improve the quality of their lives through a nurturing and supportive process that emphasizes personal dignity. Please consider making a gift today to empower more families like Hamileydi’s.

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