How Realtor Amanda M. Has Supported Raphael House Over the Years

Jul 29 2021
Raphael House

Our dedicated volunteer and donor Amanda has supported Raphael House families in many ways over the years, such as reading to children in our shelter and cooking meals in our kitchen. She first volunteered at Raphael House in 2002!

Amanda is a Realtor at BarbCo Real Estate and beginning last year, Amanda committed to donating 10% of some of her real estate deal commissions to support our Programs! Those donations have been essential in keeping our programs running for families experiencing homelessness who need support.

We asked Amanda to tell us about her experience at Raphael House. Here’s what she said:

  • Tell us about one of your favorite moments or a meaningful experience as a volunteer at Raphael House. I’ve had a lot of meaningful experiences volunteering at Raphael House. I loved working in the kitchen because it gave me the opportunity to talk to the families and see what a wonderful welcoming and home-like atmosphere the organization has created. I also really enjoy seeing the joy on the kids faces when they show off some of the great art projects they have created – it’s really great to see how spending time and attention makes a difference.
  • If you could encourage someone to volunteer at Raphael House, what would you say? Helping other people is incredibly rewarding – it really helps you to have an understanding of what’s going on in the world and how even small gestures can make a difference in someone’s life.
  • Raphael House is celebrating 50 years in 2021. What would you say to the Raphael House organization as a whole to celebrate this milestone? Great job creating stability for these families who so badly need it! This type of help can make the difference to help a family getting on their feet and thriving rather than falling into depression and hopelessness. Your programs and ongoing assistance is so important. Keep it up!

Thanks so much for your continued support, Amanda!

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