Celebrating Yaiza’s Eight Years of Hard Work & Dedication in Our Tutoring Club

Aug 25 2021
Raphael House

We’re so proud of Yaiza, a hard-working student in our Saturday Tutoring Club who graduated from high school this summer thanks to her commitment to academic success!🎓

Yaiza’s family stayed in our Residential Shelter nearly a decade ago. Shortly after their stay, her mom encouraged her to join our Saturday Tutoring Club through our post-shelter Bridge Program. At first, Yaiza was upset about giving up her Saturday mornings, but she was determined to improve her math, reading, and writing skills to avoid falling behind in school.

Yaiza set a long-term goal of graduating high school and persevered through eight years (that’s 500+ hours!) of hard work in our Saturday Tutoring Club. She attended our annual college trips, and was one of the first students to take advantage of our virtual tutoring at the start of the pandemic.

This summer, Yaiza not only graduated, but did so with greatly improved grades. “Even more importantly, the life skills and habits of character she practiced along the way will serve her well in all her future undertakings, both in and out of school,” says Children’s Services Manager Ralitza.

Our Children’s Services team and volunteer tutors realize the importance of setting up students for success. Research continues to show that youth experiencing homelessness and housing instability are more likely to drop out than their stably-housed peers.


Yaiza is now preparing for college, and hopes to find a part-time job to pay for expenses and support her family. “I want to have fun in college and meet new people. I’m ready to set foot into the world!”

We’re so proud of Yaiza for this great achievement, and wish her all the best in her college years and beyond!

Raphael House is grateful for all of our donors who supported our Back-to-School Fund this year. In addition to helping us purchase school supplies throughout the year, the funds also support our programs and operations that provide shelter and supportive services to families experiencing homelessness.

Graduation photos courtesy of Mely & Israel Rojas

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