Town School for Boys raised over $21,000 for Raphael House!

Apr 18 2023
Chloë Noonan

After last year’s Read-for-Need success, Town School for Boys and the school librarians were hoping to encourage students to sign up for another year. Raphael House was elated to collaborate with the Town School librarians again. From March 6th through March 17th, students read and raised funds for Raphael House. We are thrilled to announce that the Town School Read-For-Need fundraiser was a massive success!

66 students read over 37,000 pages and raised over $21,000 for Raphael House families and our programs!

After two weeks of reading, participants recruited friends and family to sponsor their reading efforts by donating for every page they read. The fundraiser provided Town School families with a fun way to encourage reading outside of school while providing the necessary funds for Raphael House programs.

This could not have been achieved without the hard work of Town School students, who came to school at 7:30 am on multiple occasions to plan, brainstorm and prepare for this read-a-thon through a student-run committee of K-8 students. Alongside Town School’s incredible librarians, the boys led the work of making sure that the school knew about the opportunity. They made promotional videos and posters, spoke to their classes, and even thought of ways to incentivize students, such as adding new books to the library and putting stickers in their favorite books.


We send a sincere THANK YOU to all of the dedicated students who participated and the generous donors who sponsored their efforts and our programs!

The donations raised by our Read-for-Need participants and their sponsors allow us to continue offering services like career counseling, family wellness activities, and children’s tutoring. We could not continue these services without the support of our community!

If your school or organization is interested in setting up your own custom Read-For-Need fundraiser, please contact Community Engagement Manager Kellen Sarver at

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