How One of Our Youngest Donors Raised $800 for Children School Supplies

Aug 21 2019
Raphael House

This year, Raphael House provided backpacks and school supplies to 173 children in our Residential Shelter and Bridge Programs during our Back-to-School giveaway! For families at-risk of or experiencing homelessness, even the smallest seasonal expenses can threaten their financial stability. This is just one reason why parents and children look forward to this giveaway every year.

One of our youngest donors, Sabina D., provided children at Raphael House with dozens of backpacks this school year. She did this by selling bags of granola to her friends and family. At the end of her drive, she sold more than 80 bags of granola, and raised more than $800! She filled the backpacks with binders, paper, pens, stickers, and lots of other goodies for the classroom.

“I didn’t know a shelter like this existed and when I heard about Raphael House, I was very excited to work with them,” Sabina says. “I knew I wanted to help kids who were experiencing homelessness because these kids need all the help they can get to be successful in school.”

Aside from the generous donation of 48 backpacks, Sabina and her family stopped by our weekend Giveaway to pass out backpacks to the children!

“Kids learn in schools, and I chose to donate school supplies because it can inspire kids to do their best.” Sabina said. “I would totally recommend people to do a donation drive, because it’s fun and it helps out people in need!”

We are so grateful for the support from Sabina and our donors who make our annual Backpack Giveaway possible!

To learn how you or your children can start your own fundraiser or drive, contact Raphael House’s Volunteer Manager Kellen Sarver at

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