Donate Stocks or Securities

According to Cocatalyst, in 2018, stock giving accounted for $2.07 billion of all giving which is over 3.5 million stock donations. Thanks to donors like you, in 2021-2022, we received over $50,000 in stock gifts.

Donating appreciated stocks, bonds, or securities is an easy way to make an important contribution that helps to support our families.

You may realize immediate tax benefits by donating gifts of this kind and maximize the impact of your gift.

Benefits may include:

  • Make a higher impact gift
  • Investment portfolio can remain the same
    • You can repurchase stock the same day at its Fair Market Value
  • Income Tax savings on Charitable deduction
  • Avoid paying capital gain tax on appreciated amount
    • Save ~20% Federal
    • Save ~13.3% State (Based on CA)
  • For example if a donor made a $5000 donation where the initial investment was $2500 they would incur a $2500 capital gains tax. By donating stock, the donor saves $500 Federal and $332 State wide on capital gains. In addition, the donor can deduct the full $5000. Assuming the highest tax rate at 37%, the donor would also save $1850. This means if the donor made a donation from a stock sale, they would only be able to give $4168 and only claim a charitable deduction on the amount after capital tax deductions. By donating stock instead of selling stock and donating cash, the donor’s net savings are $2682.

We encourage you to consult with a financial advisor or tax accountant prior to making a donation of this type.

If you would like to arrange for a transfer, click here to download our Stock Transfer Instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact Development Manager, Jodane Solorzano, at 415.345.7267 or [email protected].