Holiday Giving

Every family deserves a home

The mission of Raphael House is to help at-risk families achieve stable housing and financial independence while strengthening family bonds and personal dignity. Help us help others this holiday season by making a donation in the areas where we need the most support. Raphael House is 100% privately funded, and your donation makes a direct impact to the hundreds of Bay Area families we serve each year.

Thank you for your support.

Feed a Family

Did you know? Every night at 5:30pm, Raphael House families eat a warm meal together. Eating dinner as a family is often listed as a favorite tradition by the children. $25 buys one warm family meal.

Give $25

Provide Storytime

Every night at 7pm, the children gather for a bedtime story in their pajamas while their parents take classes at Raphael House? At the end of storytime, one honored child leads a parade with a candle, dropping off each child at their family’s room. $50 pays for the candle ceremony for one week.

Give $50

Provide Family Memories

Did you know every family receives a professional family photo during their stay at Raphael House? We believe family bonds are as important as creating financial independence. This year, Raphael House will help x families move on to their own Home. $75 buys a professional family photo that is framed as a first housewarming gift.

Give $75

Provide Comprehensive Support

Children at Raphael House receive art classes, karate classes, tutoring, counseling, and more. At Raphael House, we believe these activities provide therapy and build confidence, while helping our children to catch up to their peers. Children continue to come back for tutoring after they leave Raphael House. $100 buys a child an activity for 3 months.

Give $100