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Becoming a monthly donor is a great way to maximize your support for Raphael House while investing in the long-term sustainability of our programs. The support we receive from our Sustainer Circle donors is a critical source of continuous, dependable revenue and helps ensure our programs remain unaffected by giving trends or seasonal fluctuations.

By joining Raphael House’s Sustainer Circle, you’ll become part of a community dedicated to sustaining Raphael House’s mission to empower Bay Area families to break the cycle of homelessness. Make your first monthly gift and sign up today.

“Those big checks at the end of the year are always nice, but this is a great way for me to support Raphael House all throughout the year.” Nancy O’Brien, donor since 1997 

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Thank You to Our Sustainer Circle Members

Anonymous (x13)
Salim Alam
Yevonne Alexander
Randall Alifano
Jill and Clinton Andrews
Christine Angeles and Steven R. Cady
Jeff Angst
Kathryn Bache & Chris Lotz
Sue L. Ballinger
Miranda Becker
Mr. Arnold V. Becker
Lidia Birukova
James Bowen
Carol Boyd
Isabel Breskin
Katrina Brown
Glen Brown
Mark Brown
Christopher Bunker
Garfield Byrd
Mrs. Judith A. Canepa
Colleen Cassidy
Lilian L. Chan
Mr. and Mrs. Clements
Katherine E. Coleman
Rick and Victoria Dade
Ms. Lynn Davidian
Ajay Deshmukh
Jonathan Drum
Quang Duong
Mark and Roberta Emerson
Mr. Edward J. Faraci
Chris Farrell
Ms. Julia Flood

Clement Garnier
Linda E. Gayle
Nikki George
Mr. Samuel Hancock
Heather R. Hanly & Daniel Purcell
Christian Hansen
Charles and Ann Hedrick
Kristin Hiegel
Joanne and Tim Hurley
Miss Marjorie S. Hutchinson
Caroline Jackson
Mr. Herbert Jeong
Liz Keim
Marilyn Kelso
Christine Kendrick
Shahzia Khan
Monique Koenigsberg
Peter Kriss
Robyn A. Lamar
Michael Lebwohl
Dina and Gordon Lee
Lisa and Robert Lehto
Russell M. Leiman & Elaine Taylor
Susan LeSeure
Alina Liberman
Kathy Long
Joshua Manley
Ruthanne and Donald McCunn
Ms. Laura McKee
Wendy McPherson
Cecile Butman Michael
Michael and Lorna Milani
Marion G. Miles

Diana Montgomery
Susan Morey
Karen Naifeh
Nora Niesen
Ani Niow
Nia Nitschke
Zachary Olson
John Parides
Jesse Peirce
Lesley Pierce and Barry Nemiroff
Mr. Mark R. Reedy
Colleen M. Regan
Ms. Bridget Roddy
James and Eileen Roddy
Luis and Cheri Duke-Rojas
Robert W. Ruth
William and Stephanie Ryder
Mr. Kevin W. Sea
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Segale
Jonathan Simkin
Nicholas Slaney
Mr. and Mrs. David Swartz
George Tacticos
Elaine Taylor and Russell M. Leiman
Julia Teitelbaum
Jill Tidman
Edwin Tran
Mr. Christopher Vukicevich
Sam Wagner
John J. Walsh
Paul Wermer and Carol Brownson
Victoria Xiao
Mr. Darryl Yee
Shannon Yrigoyen

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