Meet Our Dedicated ESL Tutoring Volunteers

Dec 17 2020
Raphael House

At the start of COVID, our long-term volunteer Grace Carballo (pictured below) was informed we were pausing our ESL (English as a Second Language) tutoring services held weekly at Raphael House. Exemplifying the commitment and passion that makes our volunteers so special, Grace took on the challenge and offered to provide ESL services virtually—a first for Raphael House!

Since Shelter in Place started, 85+ remote ESL tutoring sessions have taken place virtually at Raphael House (as of December 2020). Though this transition presented challenges at first, Raphael House has since expanded ESL tutoring services, and have moved from one tutor to a total of five. Collectively, they provide weekly tutoring sessions to Raphael House clients working on educational, career, and other professional goals.

Our ESL tutoring services provide client-centered lesson plans to help students increase their English language skills. Most of these clients immigrated from other countries to create brighter futures for their families. After participating in our ESL tutoring sessions, many clients from our Residential Shelter and after-care Bridge Programs report that they can more easily complete school course work, translate important documents, and advocate on behalf of their families.

All of our volunteers have shared that helping others is what brings them to Raphael House. Our Volunteer Manager, Kellen Sarver says:

Volunteers are each an integral part of the Raphael House team and are truly helping families break the cycle of homelessness through their volunteer work.”

Raphael House is grateful to have patient, collaborative, and creative volunteers as part of our team at Raphael House. Meet some of dedicated volunteers below, and see what they said is their favorite thing about volunteering at Raphael House.

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who support our mission at Raphael House!

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