Raphael House

85% of families leaving our shelter achieve stable housing. Serves up to 60 families each year

Residential Shelter Program

Our stable home-like shelter provides parents and children a warm and safe family-centered community where they participate in a wide range of services that strengthen the whole family as they work toward achieving long-term stable housing and financial independence. More than 85% of all the families we serve through our Residential Shelter Program go on to achieve long-term stable housing. Parents living at Raphael House receive intensive case management, housing and financial assistance, career-building and job placement services, mental-health counseling, and educational workshops in areas such as financial literacy, parenting, and wellness.

Children in our program receive services that support—and engage their parents in supporting—healthy emotional and intellectual development. Once families move on from Residential Shelter they have access to an extensive continuum of support through our Bridge Program.

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Our model of providing a stable homelike shelter and offering ongoing, comprehensive assistance with housing and job placement, while supporting the emotional and social needs of parents and children alike, helps to empower more than 300 families each year with the resources, personalized solutions, and support network they need to build brighter futures.

We partner with families as they work toward achieving long-term stable housing and financial independence. Ours is a nurturing and supportive process that emphasizes the importance of strong families and personal dignity. We take a highly interactive approach, customizing services for each family and each family member, but the work is collaborative. We believe each individual has the ability to achieve their own success.