Raphael House

90% of the children enrolled in Academic Enrichment show improved performance.

Academic Enrichment

Integral to helping families break the generational cycle of poverty is ensuring that children achieve academic success. Raphael House supports educational achievement by helping kids of every age develop a passion and love for learning.Raphael House provides thorough K-12 academic support to our children to help ensure they achieve and maintain success in school. We offer extensive academic tutoring, enrichment activities, scholarships for extracurricular pursuits, and mentoring throughout the school year for both the children and teens in our Residential Shelter Program and those we serve through our Bridge Program. Our Academic Enrichment Program serves 100 or more children each year, and 90% of these children show improved academic performance.


Our model of providing a stable homelike shelter and offering ongoing, comprehensive assistance with housing and job placement, while supporting the emotional and social needs of parents and children alike, helps to empower more than 300 families each year with the resources, personalized solutions, and support network they need to build brighter futures.

We partner with families as they work toward achieving long-term stable housing and financial independence. Ours is a nurturing and supportive process that emphasizes the importance of strong families and personal dignity. We take a highly interactive approach, customizing services for each family and each family member, but the work is collaborative. We believe each individual has the ability to achieve their own success.