Letter from Raphael House Executive Director Ralph Payton

Mar 31 2016
Raphael House

[su_frame] RalphPayton2Color[/su_frame]Since joining the Raphael House team in December, I have been consistently impressed with the level of commitment and passion shown by the staff, our Board, and the thousands of supporters in the community who make the work we do possible. I’m exceedingly grateful to lead an organization that shares my conviction that it is our responsibility to help those most vulnerable among us.

As the housing market in the Bay Area continues to explode, barriers to achieving stable housing have never been greater for low-income families. According to the housing data website rentjungle.com, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco is $3,096. Gross monthly wages for a full-time worker earning minimum wage in San Francisco are around $2,100. But helping families overcome or prevent homelessness requires more than just monetary support. We continue to see a huge demand for the services we provide families after they’ve secured housing, which enable them to maintain the stability they’ve achieved and move beyond generational poverty. These include services such as intensive case management, financial literacy education, academic enrichment, mental health counseling, and career development, all offered through our Bridge Program. In the coming years Raphael House will build upon the success of its Bridge Program as both a critical intervention against family homelessness and an essential resource for helping families maintain their stability. We will also expand our mental health services to ensure more families have access to this vital support. Our 40 plus years’ working with at-risk families informs us that a significant number have experienced some form of trauma and that providing parents and children alike with ongoing services has an impact on their success in maintaining a life of stability and financial independence. But we don’t do this challenging work alone. Your unwavering support—as a volunteer, individual donor, private foundation, or corporate partner—is crucial to our continued success. It is only together that we can make the necessary impact to help our families achieve their goals and experience a brighter future. Thank you for continuing to be an important part of the Raphael House family! Ralph Payton, Executive Director  

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