“I wasn’t like other kids in school. I didn’t like moving around everywhere.”

Sep 16 2019
Raphael House

Children experiencing homelessness are 87 percent more likely to drop out of school than their stably housed peers (source). However, Jessica’s story of hard work, dedication, and perseverance at Raphael House shows that it’s possible to beat the odds. But without your support today, Raphael House won’t be able to continue helping young people escape the generational trap of homelessness and poverty.

By the time she reached high-school, Jessica attended multiple schools throughout her childhood, causing much anxiety and stress. Every year, she had to say goodbye to her best friends and teachers.

She and her mom experienced homelessness most of her childhood, moving in and out of uncomfortable, overcrowded homes with her relatives. Eventually, they were welcomed into Raphael House, where they strengthened their relationship and began healing from the trauma of homelessness.

After a few months of working with Raphael House staff, they found their own apartment in Treasure Island. Jessica finally found stability, but was still struggling academically in the aftermath of so much upheaval, so she joined Raphael House’s Saturday Teen Tutoring Club.

Raphael House Children’s Services Manager Ralitza Doynova and Jessica at our Tutoring Club. Ralitza helped Jessica learn math and how to focus on school work.

After spending just a few sessions with our Children’s Services Manager—who tutors teenagers every Saturday during the school year—Jessica says she finally learned how to solve complex math problems that had previously seemed impossible.

Jessica was persistent and attended Saturday Tutoring Club for three years. We’re proud to say that she graduated high school with a great GPA and is now attending college in the Bay Area! She is now a student at Skyline College and is currently working to pay her tuition and help support her family.

Though Jessica put in all of the hard work to achieve her goals, she says she couldn’t have maintained good grades without the care and support of Raphael House and its Saturday Teen Tutoring Club.

Jessica on her high school graduation day. She now attends Skyline College in San Francisco while working to support her family.

Everyday young people just like Jessica come to Raphael House to receive academic support so they can stay in school and escape the generational cycle of homelessness and poverty. But without your financial contribution, we can’t provide these services, or any of the many other supportive services to parents and children who have struggled with homelessness. As a 100% community-funded shelter, every dollar counts in helping us meet our mission to end family homelessness.

Your donation helps us help young people like Jessica. You can contribute by clicking the donation link below. Donate today to ensure we maintain these services and help families escape homelessness in our communities.

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