Dressing For Success: Cheryl & William

Mar 31 2016
Raphael House
Cheryl_holding_goodie-bags Cheryl holding goody bags filled with donated beauty and grooming products 

Cheryl and William Pitts stayed in our residential shelter with their baby girl Helen in 2013. These days Cheryl is the operations manager at Carmichael Salon. She’s also a part-time coordinator for Dress for Success. Grateful for all that Raphael House did to help her and her family when they were homeless, Cheryl wanted to give something back. So she organized a workshop for the parents at Raphael House where she and her husband shared advice and encouragement based on their own experience of having to look for work and housing while living in shelter. The focus was on personal appearance, grooming, and financial literacy.

Make-upSession Raphael House mom gets a makeover

Our Moms enjoyed a special night of makeovers thanks to Cheryl’s colleagues at Carmichael Salon who donated their services as stylists and make-up artists to give them tips and ideas for putting together a polished look on a tight budget and with minimal time. Each mom also received a bag chock full of beauty products, grooming tools, and organizing items donated by Sephora, Carmichael Salon, Gama Go, and Dress for Success. And all of our parents will have an opportunity to receive professional clothing. We’re grateful to Cheryl and William and all who contributed to this special evening for Raphael House families!

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