Aaron discovers his passion for writing in Raphael House Children’s Program

Feb 16 2016
Raphael House
Little asian boy use pencil writing on notebook for writing book with smiling face on wooden table in the park

This past year, nine-year-old Aaron discovered a passion for writing and telling stories. When Aaron first came to Raphael House, he was writing below his grade level. Although very articulate and excelling in all other topics at school, he struggled to write legibly and was unable to translate his thoughts into structured paragraphs. Raphael House Children’s Program staff supported Aaron with one-on-one tutoring and mentoring in our after-school Tutoring Club offered Monday through Friday at Raphael House. After five months of intensive work that included daily writing and spelling assignments, help with topic selection, and handwriting practice, Aaron’s writing has improved dramatically, and he is now writing at his grade level. His overall grade in English has greatly improved along with his self-confidence. Aaron is now excited to write and share his stories. His creativity and imagination come to life through each written piece, which he proudly shares with his dad upon completion.


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